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Veralovesmusic aka Vera Doppler (formerly known as Vera Böhnisch, to cut things short simply Vera :)) isn’t exactly a newcomer in the austrian music scene, but it’s been a while since she released her third and last Solo EP in 2009 („Introducing L’Enfant Terrible“, Universal).

Still, lots of things were happening during the last years such as a university degree in music management, succesful international dance anthems, musical co-writings, 2 kids, a marriage and setting up her own blooming small business „Die Macherei“ in 2014.

Her significant and powerful soul-voice that made her famous in the music scene when she was only 16, is still her unmistakable landmark. The artistic environment however is shifting towards a more sophisticated audience, also due to the many musical features, cooperations and contributions over the last couple of years. Some highlights include releases on dope noir, sunshine enterprises and G-Stone as well as contributing the #1 download song »Countryman« to the marketing-campaign for the new BMW Mini-Cooper. Sucessfull ventures into the dance scene happened when Vera teamed up with german DJ Tom Novy to write Hits such as „Thelma & Louise “ ( 2011 ) , „The right time“ (2017) , „Magic happens“ (2017)  and many more…

Discography VeralovesmusicOne of the most important moments of her career happened in 2009 when she won the Amadeus Austrian Music Award  category »Best song« for her highly acclaimed  & self written single »Dear Ladies«

Getting more and more involved with not only writing her music but also producing it, she has been recording songs with a team of various producers for some time and also featured several live shows including Waxolutionists live-set, Stereotype, Makossa & Megablast, DephJoe, Karuan, Rodney Hunter, Tom Novy, Philipp Van Het Veldt, Christopher Groove or AlHaca Soundsystem just to name a few.

Her sound is a very kinky mixture between Pop, Urban,  Electronics, Nu-Soul as well as Breakbeat. Veras vocals is the glue that keeps it all together and therefore makes it all  catchy & highly recognisable.

Discography overview Veralovesmusic